Pontifical Missionary Childhood-PMC

We are little flowers of Jesus, come let us follow Him friend!

Pontifical Missionary Childhood (P.M.C) is a wonderful and intimate following of Christ who is our friend as he said, ‘’let the little children come to me’’ And so I say let us follow Him courageously and joyfully. Jesus becomes our intimate friend in various ways e.g Rosary prayer because He says, “where two or three are gathered I am in their midst’’.

By sr. Maria Goretti

WHAT is Pontifical Missionary Childhood?

This is a society created by the Holy Father Pope. This group encourages children about the Catholic faith. It operates on children who are suffering for various reasons. In P.M.C there are duties, these are;

Prayer-We pray for each and every child and we must at least recite each and every day Hail Mary, Our Father and Glory be…

Offering-We make sure we offer something to God and pray for the children who are suffering. Any child is allowed to join P.M.C. Its assistants are Bishops and Clergy. It helps Christians who are laity.

By Chantel Atieno, Jeverder Highlands Academy, Class 5

What are the PMC activities?

Every Sunday at 10.00 am we look forward to assemble at the small hall with our rosaries ready to recite the rosary, pray and talk about the gospel reading of the day followed by mass for all the P.M.C. In P.M.C we learn how to serve God at such a tender age and that helps a lot in the development of our young minds as we grow up learning how to serve and believe in God. We also often go for trips, visiting a children’s home and also attend our annual P.M.C Mass with our Cardinal John Njue where it is fun to interact with other P.M.C children from Nairobi. We inter share a finger-licking meal together.

Alvin J.t. Komu, 7 years old, Notredame School – Syokimau Class 2

The Bible challenge experience

In late 2017, Shrine of Mary Help of Christians – Don Bosco, Upper hill hosted the Central Deanery Bible challenge. I was honored to be selected to represent our parish in my age-group to take up the challenge of Bible knowledge against children from other parishes under Central Deanery. During this event, I attained knowledge that even the best school could not offer. God speaks to us through scripture. We Catholics have been challenged about our knowledge of the Bible. It may be even more challenging for us children if our parents are not keen about the scripture. St. Jerome once said that ignorance of the scripture is ignorance of Christ.

In scripture we discover God’s plan for us. Our Chaplain Rev. Deacon Samuel, Sr. Felicity and our animator, Martha Carol together with our parents worked tirelessly to prepare us for the challenge. I was surprised by how much knowledge other children had. I learnt how to interact and work with other children. Having a Bible I was selected to peruse the Bible for the scripture quotations. I met friends and made friends. I was taught that God created us without us, but He requires us in order to save us. One of the great ways of knowing how to participate in God’s plan for our salvation is by studying the Bible and understanding it. The Bible is a very rich resource.

By Patricia Caroline Wambui, 12 years old Catholic Parochial school class 7

My name is Tamara Wachira and I’m 14 years old. I have been in PMC for the past 10 years. It has been a wonderful experience: from the festivals to the charity work and active mass participation. It has helped me to get rid of stage fright due to exposure. Moreover, it has nourished my spiritual growth and helped me to be more understanding. This is because when attending the sessions, there is a lot to deal with especially because of the age groups’ gap that ranges from 0 to 12. Eventually you learn to cope.

Having completed my primary school course this year I have mixed emotions on joining high school. I’m excited of being able to take this step because this is where you really get to discover who you are, make your lingerie lasting friends and shape your life. Although I know it won’t be that easy, I will have to persevere. I am also excited to join the MYM group. I will be able to interact with fellow teens who are ahead and have been able to go through it. I’m sure that the advice they will give will be of great help. After all old is gold.

By Tamara Wachira, 14 years old she sat for KCPE (2017) at Mt. Kenya Academy Junior School

P .M.C. means Pontifical Missionary Children and our motto is CHILDREN HELPING CHILDREN. I joined P.M.C. when I was eight yrs old and at that time I did not know how to recite the Holy Rosary, but as time passed I became an expert. We are not only taught how to recite the Holy Rosary but also other important moral values such as respect, patience, helping the needy, visiting the sick and visiting the orphans among others.

Through PMC, I have met other children and helped others and we are told, in helping others we are not only drawing Christ to ourselves but other too. This holiday, I have been participating in the Church Band and to this, I thank God. PMC is the best thing that can happen to a child like me. Children, tell your parents bring you to church on Saturday at 2 pm and Sunday 8.30 am. I promise you, you will enjoy yourself.

By Alice Usla, 12 years old she is in class 7, City Primary School

The Closing of the PMC Holy Rosary was hosted by St. Austine Catholic Parish and below is what a few shared about the day

It was a day for all the PMC children in the Central Deanery. We gathered at St. Austin’s church compound. We had brought with us some sacramental items such as the portraits of our mother Mary, PMC rosaries (own creation), PMC candles (with the various colors of the PMC rosary) and roses for our dear mother, Mary.

By Michael Githinji, 11 years old he is in class 5, High Peak Junior Academy

On the same day we had a very colorful Eucharistic celebration as the PMC family of Central Deanery and St. Austin’s PMC being our hosts conducted the Holy Rosary prayer during the afternoon session.

By Gloria Kasivu, Musee, 10 years old she is in class 4, Uthiru Genesis Primary School

Finally, we were given a talk by St. Austin’s Father-In-Charge. He told us that we should constantly pray for our families and our country so we can all live in peace. The day ended with all the children present sharing as a family of God.

By Mark Ndirangu, 11 years old he is in class 5, High peak Junior Academy