Missionary Youth Movement

The MYM (Missionary Youth Movement) group is a Christ centered, teenage church group with the aim of serving the Lord in the teen ages (13 -19). So far, we have managed to win about 60 teenagers coming for mass to join the group and fellowship, grow and learn with each other, in Christ. Personally, I have grown in the group spiritually and mentally especially from the last seminar where one of our visiting fathers spoke to us about growing in Christ and the importance of the church in our growth of faith. The seminar was an eye opener and helped not only those in attendance but also the group at large. I challenge all teenagers and parents reading this, to bring their teens to our group. The benefits are immense.

By Hilda Pepeno, 17 years old she will be joining form 4 (2018), Riara Springs Girl’s High School

MYM, the Missionary Youth Movement is a vibrant group for teenagers. We focus on growing and developing each other in the light of the Lord with an aim of betterment and building the society. We have various activities such as retreats and get togethers with activities like sports. We usually animate the 10 o’clock mass in the church on Sunday. Thereafter, we meet for about an hour to discuss matters affecting the group and activities planned for the holiday. I personally think it’s a great platform for teenagers to get proper formation in this evolving world of secularism and also gives them an opportunity to overcome their problems or doubts (and other related issues) in a befitting way. We urge any person at the age of 13 -19 to come and be registered in the group and be a part of our family.

By Trevor Mutisya, 17 years old he will be joining form 4 (2018), Strathmore School

The MYM is a group of young adults who are ready to be nurtured as great leaders of tomorrow. The young adults are therefore set to be the sun that shows the tail of a lion by this I mean that the group is therefore the head to set the light for other young people as they build the church of tomorrow. MYM’s main agenda is to make more friends for Christ.

George Njoroge Wamaitha, 19years old he sat for KCSE (2017) at Huhoho High School

MYM means Missionary Youth Movement. This group comprises mainly of high school students. It is a Christ centered group that instills morals to teenagers, teaches about God and the catholic faith. We have around fifty members who are dedicated to evangelism. The group is filled with zeal, vibrancy and energy. We engage in activities like mass animation, charity work, team building, recollection, exchange programmes and talent shows among others. We encourage all the high school students to join this group so that we can grow in Christ together.

By Mitchelle Geraldine Kalondu, 16 years old she will be joining form 3 (2018), Machakos Girls’ High School