Holy Family Basilica Catholic Men Association

Holy Family Minor Basilica Catholic Men Association

Holy Family Minor Basilica Catholic Men Association (HFMB CMA) was started by Fr Joseph Mukui the Father-In-Charge at that time mid-1997

Holy Family Basilica CMA Members during Family Day celebrations on 18-12-2017

under the chairmanship of Mr. Aloysius Wanda, Secretary Mr. Thomas Gwandaru and Treasurer Mr. Joseph Kimani. CMA is a lay non-profit making and non-political membership of baptized and devout male Christians of Roman Catholic church. HFMB CMA collaborates with the Archdiocese of Nairobi and participates in planned activities as well as making affiliation contributions. HFMB CMA has three groups which handle different aspects of the group’s activities as follows;

  1. Liturgical/Spiritual
  2. Finance/Development
  3. Social

Liturgical/ Spiritual activities

  1. Opening reflections during CMA meetings
  2. Animations during The Holy Mass in the Church
  3. Spiritual talks from various resources
  4. Retreats/pilgrimages for spiritual renewal
  5. Novenas for Good Intentions
  6. Bio-data registration of members and commissioning etc

Finance/Development activities

  1. Prepare the budget for CMA activities
  2. Organise development projects for CMA and parish
  3. Liaise with CMA archdiocese CMA office for the Archdiocesan projects
  4. Prepare CMA Financial reports

Social Activities

  1. Organise microfinance activities
  2. Organise charity visits; visits to needy or the sick
  3. Organise celebrations for CMA patron days, parish family days, archdiocesan Family days, CMA weddings days, Births and deaths
  4. Draw calendar of events for CMA etc.

HFMB CMA has adopted the general CMA objectives and core values and motto which are.


  • To promote a cohesive Catholic family in which each member plays his rightful role in the common good emulating the Holy Family of Nazareth (Ephesians 5:22-32; 6:1-4)
  • To live and propagate Catholic faith in fulfilling the baptismal promises as kings, prophets, and priests
  • To evangelize through role modeling in solidarity with fellow Catholic men
  • To inspire and contribute positively to social justice

Core values

  • Humility
  • Understanding
  • Deep faith
  • Fortitude
  • Temperament
  • Prayer



Good Family>Good Church>Good Society


Familia Takatifu>Kanisa Njema>Jamii Bora



All catholic male above 18 years and not simultaneously members of the youth group


CMA offers men the opportunity to participate in church activities hence grow spiritually, economically through the social development project an initiative of the Cardinal popularly known as the microfinance where one can save and borrow at only 10% interest rate per annum and participates in each other’s social activities.

HFMB CMA meets every 3rd Sunday of the month after the 11.30am Mass i.e. at 1:00 pm. We welcome new members to join this vibrant group. The joining process is such that one goes through formation classes after which they are commissioned and thereafter they become a full member.