PPC highlights for the year 2017

We thank God for this far he has brought us. As we close the year 2017, midway the current PPC term, we look back and celebrate achievements recorded. Allow me to give you a snap of what the 2017 year has been like. Just like other years, we had the opportunity to represent you at Central Deanery level through the participation of the Executive committee: half day retreat at Resurrection Garden, leadership training with the Cardinal and charity work. We continue to give thanks to God for the support we have received from the Basilica Community. With your support we now have the newly anticipated Adoration Chapel functioning as planned in the year 2016, enjoying the meeting rooms based at the Cardinal Otunga Annex not to forget the new washrooms.

This year the focus was to support the Arch-Diocese activities. We are now ready to embark on a more ambitious project, the Basement parking which is anticipated will provide adequate slots and therefore allowing Christians access and the much-needed convenience. Progress with the Basilica and Kiriko twinning is so far commendable as this year our sister church embarked on the construction of a more spacious house for the clergy. During the period, we were reminded that our groups are a reflection of our leaders and so our major task as a community is to strengthen small Christian Communities to the point they are a reflection of the Holy Family. And how will we know that we are succeeding? That we are heading the right directions with the groups’ spiritual being? When the groups implement the three annual events involving the entire group as follows; Retreat or recollection, charity work, and group team bonding.

Groups are already implementing these activities and shortly we will be able to see the leading groups. Finally, as the year comes to close we are happy to report that Bible reading and reflections have now picked. We started from the book of Ecclesiasticus to Psalms to Proverbs and now the book of Wisdom. As a team, we feel this is a great success and most importantly a sign we are heading the right direction in spiritual formation as a parish and a great way to end the year. On behalf of the Council members, I thank each and every one of you for the continued support throughout the year, together we have achieved a lot.  I would like to wish you and your families a magical Festive Season filled with God’s Blessing.

Article adapted from Basilican Magazine 7th issue, 2017

The writer is the Chair to the Parish Pastoral Council, HFMB