Couples for Christ

Couples for Christ

Couples for Christ is an international Catholic lay ecclesial movement whose goal is to renew and strengthen Christian values.

Vision- Family in the holy spirit renewing the face of the earth.

Mission- Building the church of home building the church of the poor.

CFC Global goals:

  1. Evangelization and formation
  2. Family renewal
  3. Total Christian Liberation (Justice, Life and poor)
  4. Effective/efficient governance

The movement is made up of family ministry, social arm and pro-life ministry

Family is made up of:-

  1. Kids for Christ for pre-teens
  2. Youth for Christ for teenagers
  • Singles for Christ for Single professional below 40 years
  1. Married couples
  2. Hand in aids and servants of the Lord-Women and men who are widowed, single parents or those whose spouses choose not to join CFC activities 2018


We normally have activities as below;

  1. Couples dinner in February that’s during the valentines month
  2. Couples conference in the month of May every calendar year.
  3. Marriage convention in July, every calendar
  4. Team buildings mostly in September
  5. Women conferences-this includes the married and the handmaids. The month here differs but the ladies are normally given a period for preparations e.g three months to the date this happens every calendar year
  6. Family day out, this occur in December in Nairobi, the other counties have their arranged dates 8 months
  7. Pro-life walks-Couples for Christ is also addressing the flee for the boy and girl child teaching nights every third Friday of the month seminars and General Assemblies every first Sunday of the Month at 2 pm after all the masses.
  8. We also hold households this help us to bond strongly and also get to know the welfare of our members. Read the Bible and pray together.


Our inspiration comes from the book of Joshua 24:15b, and I quote ‘As for me and my household we will serve the Lord’.

As quoted by Archbishop SoC villages on the 25th of July 2007. The highest courage is to dare to be yourself in the face of adversity, choosing right over wrong, ethics over convenience and truth over popularity. Travel the path of integrity without looking back for THERE IS NEVER A WRONG TIME TO DO THE RIGHT THING